Boccia Pure Titanium Watches New Zealand

BOCCIA Pure TITANIUM Watches and Jewellery are designed by international designers.

All titanium components of the BOCCIA TITANIUM collections are made of pure titanium, the special material. It is lightweight, high strength and absolutely skin-friendly. Pure titanium is also corrosion and heat resistant. All ceramic elements are made of full ceramic: the innovative high-tech , ultra-tough material with high fashion looks.

International design, absolute comfort, top quality and excellent value for money – these explain why the North German company has again come up trumps in the 2013 “Market Intern” trade survey and was voted “Watch Brand of the Year” in the price bracket up to 500 euros.

BOCCIA TITANIUM watches are available in Mens and Womens styles, titanium, ceramic and leather band options All BOCCIA TITANIUM watches carry a 2 year international warranty.

Click here to view the list of Boccia Titanium Watch Retailers within New Zealand.

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